About Me

I received my Telecommunications and Electronics Engineering degree in 2009, from the Technological University of Havana “José Antonio Echeverría” (CUJAE), Havana, Cuba. In 2020, I obtained my PhD in Telecommunications from the MAP-tele Doctoral Programme in Telecommunications, a joint venture of three Portuguese universities (Minho, Aveiro, and Porto). My PhD research activities were focused on Information-Centric Networking (ICN) approaches for supporting Internet of Things (IoT) scenarios. This work, conducted in the Telecommunications and Networking – Av Group at Instituto de Telecomunicações and University of Aveiro, Portugal, has been disseminated in book chapters, conference and journal papers, and as contributions to open-source software. I have also participated in various research projects (e.g., H2020 5Growth, SeLF-ICN), being involved in the different stages of projects, from the initial proposal to the final deliverable and software release. Since the last couple of years of my PhD journey, I have been further involved in the academy by working as an Invited Adjunct Professor at the University of Aveiro - Águeda School of Technology and Management (ESTGA). In parallel, and upon the finalization of the PhD, I have been a PostDoctoral Researcher at the Department of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics (DETI) of the University of Aveiro working in areas related to technical and business validation of 5G technologies.

Main Interests:
Future Internet; Network Architectures; Next Generation Mobile Networks; Next Generation Software Defined Networks

Selected Publications

Book Chapters

  • D. Corujo, C. Guimarães, J. Quevedo, R. Ferreira, and R. L. Aguiar, “Information Centric Exchange Mechanisms for IoT Interoperable Deployment”, in User-Centric and Information-Centric Networking and Services: Access Networks and Emerging Trends, M. Krishna, Ed. Taylor & Francis Group, 2019, ch. 3, pp. 71,140

Journal and Magazines

  • C. Guimarães, J. Quevedo, R. Ferreira, D. Corujo, and R. L. Aguiar, “Exploring interoperability assessment for Future Internet Architectures roll out”, Journal of Network and Computer Applications, 2019
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  • J. Quevedo, M. Antunes, D. Corujo, D. Gomes, R. L. Aguiar, “On the application of Contextual IoT Service Discovery in Information Centric Networks”, Computer Communications - Special Issue on the Internet of Things: Research challenges and Solutions, March 2016
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Conference Proceedings

  • A. Radwan, Hao Ran Chi, D. Corujo, J. Quevedo, R. Silva, D. Santos, R. L. Aguiar, O. Abboud and A. Hecker “Trust-Aware Multi-Criteria-Modeled Live Service Migration for Heterogeneous Edge Computing”, Global Communications Conference (Globecom 2022)
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  • Enhancing Information-Centric Networking for a name-based Internet of Things, PhD thesis, University of Aveiro, Portugal, 2020
  • Analysis of the behaviour of MLP networks for intrusion detection in data networks, Engineering thesis, Technological University of Havana “José Antonio Echeverría”, Cuba, 2009